Other Legal Video Production in Phoenix and AZ
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Other Legal Video Production in Phoenix and AZ

In addition to highly effective video depositions, K-Video also provides these legal video services in Phoenix:


Independent medical exams

K-Video is the preferred video provider for a number of local physicians because we are respectful of their time and space constraints. We strive to be as inconspicuous as possible at what can be a very vulnerable time for the patient. We can even operate equipment from outside of the exam room, if necessary.


Inspection and testing videos

K-Video can document construction defects, vehicle damage, or a weapon’s appearance with video & still frames. We can document tests of tires, gauges, medical equipment, smoke detectors and more.

independent medical exams
day in the life

Day-in-the Life videos

K-Video has experience in producing accurate, non-biased portrayals of a plaintiff’s daily or weekly routines, including eating, shopping, receiving therapy, bathing, etc. These videos help document and preserve the plaintiff’s current abilities and limitations.

Settlement videos

Designed to sway a jury or opposing counsel, settlement videos can be emotional demonstrations of a plaintiff’s struggles, hopes, and family burden in injury cases. In wrongful death suits, K-Video can show the great loss to family, friends and the community. Testimony, photographs and home videos can all be used to tell a powerful and moving story.


Living wills

Legal videos can demonstrate sound mind and clarify intent of wills, power of attorney or pre-nuptial agreements.

Audio & video duplication and transfer

Surveillance tapes, standard audio cassettes, mini and micro audio cassettes, 8mm videotapes, VHS, etc.

audio and video duplication and transfer
surveillance tape

Audio & video enhancement

Video enhancements can include color correction, stabilizing images, freeze-framing, slow motion and more. Audio enhancements are often more difficult, but can include equalizing levels, removing background noise or tape hiss, and boosting frequencies. At K-Video, we will gladly give you a free assessment and quote for potential improvements.


Court reporter booking or referral

K-Video has affiliations with court reporters both local and across the country. One call to us takes care of all your legal video needs.


Notary services

As certified by the State of Arizona, K-Video notaries public can acknowledge signatures, certify documents and affirm affidavits.


Editing and Synchronization services

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